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8 Tips For Layering Necklaces

If you're looking to layer necklaces like a pro, it can be difficult to find the right balance that shows your personality and looks intentional and stylish. Discover our expert tips for layering necklaces to create stunning and personalized looks!

8 Tips For Layering Necklaces Like a Pro:

1. Start the layering with a chain as the shortest necklace

This will allow you to create a focus on the pendant necklace(s), while adding some depths in your look.

2. Pick one necklace to be te centerpiece and create a look around it

Choose one statement necklace, one that you want all the attention to go to. Use it to create a look around this one main piece of jewelry, making it easier to build a cohesive look. Consider opting for a pendant necklace as it often as a more sophisticated look that will inspire you to be creative.

3. Try to keep a minimum of 1 inch between each necklace

In order to keep a minimum of 1 inch inbetween each piece in the front, this means you will need necklaces that have a 2 inch difference for the total length of the necklace. For example, the first necklace can be 16 inches and the next one should be 18 inches. You can also keep 2 inches between the necklaces, but try to stay consistant as well.

The ideal layering sizes, in our opinion, would be to start with a 15 or 16 inch chain, then a statement piece that is 18 inches and, if you want to add more necklaces, go for something that is 20 inches or longer for the following piece.

4. Make sure that your layering set matches well with your outfit

We often forget about this aspect, but it is very important to complete the look! It can (or should) also be the starting point. In other words, you might want to create a perfect layering specifically based on something that goes well with your outfit. That is not needed, especially if you're creating an everyday layering look, but if you're choosing a necklace layering for an event, you should consider using your outfit as the base of your creativity.

5. Keep a cohesive style for each necklace

Don’t mix up very dainty and very chunky necklaces together. If you can, stay within the same style to create a cohesive look. 

6. Ideally, try to wear 2 or 3 necklaces for a perfect layering

Don’t overdo it. A layering has to have at least two necklaces, but we would not recommend doing more than 4 necklaces at a time, unless this is your personal style! Our recommendation for a perfect layering set would be 2-3 necklaces.

7. Don’t be afraid to try different layering combinations.

Go get all of the necklaces that you own, and try a few on to see what works best for you and for your current outfit. If you already own a piece or two and are looking to purchase more to complete your look, put on the ones that you already own and try to get a sense of what's missing. Is it a simple chain that ties everything together? Or maybe a statement necklace to be a main piece?

8. Have fun, be creative and don't take these tips too seriously!

Even if you don’t follow these tips, it can look amazing. We simply give our opinion for what works best for us, but we also learn everyday from how you guys style your jewelry! Each person has their own style and you can create a beautiful layering set by following your own rules.


We hope this helped you if you're new at layering necklaces or if you needed a boost for your creativity! If you want to avoid the hard work of creating a layering set, we got you covered! Check out our Necklace Sets section to find some pre-designed layering sets, handmade and designed by us, following our tips!

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