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The Pros of Stainless Steel Jewelry

When it comes to choosing which jewelry to wear, a lot of factors are considered such as quality, price, durability, comfort and more. While some materials such as gold or sterling silver have always been more popular because they sound more familiar, another material deserves to be known for all its benefits —stainless steel. This versatile and durable metal has become a favorite of many in recent years, and we plan on contributing to its popularity because we strongly believe that it is worth all the hype.


Why should you choose stainless steel jewelry?

The first reason for choosing stainless steel jewelry is because it is extremely durable, making it ideal for everyday wear. Unlike other metals that may tarnish or rust over time, stainless steel jewelry maintains its appearance. It will not tarnish or rust!

The next reason that we would suggest you try stainless steel is because it is very affordable. Because of the production costs that are lower than some other materials, we are able to offer you a great value for your money. This also means that you can get more jewelry for the same budget, which is perfect to add more pieces to your jewelry collection!

Finally, to keep it short, stainless steel is good for sensitive skin. It is common to see that some people have allergic reactions to certain metals, such as nickel, which is commonly found in cheaper jewelry. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a safe and comfortable choice for the majority of people, even those who are known to have sensitive skin. It is not impossible that some people may be allergic to stainless steel, however, it is a rare allergy. If you feel like you may react to it, you can try wearing the piece of jewelry only for a small period as a test.


Frequently asked questions about stainless steel jewelry

Can you shower with stainless steel jewelry? 

Silver color stainless steel jewelry can be worn in the shower or any normal water. The water will not have any impact on the color or shine of your jewelry, which is perfect if you are looking for jewelry that you can wear every day.

As for gold color stainless steel jewelry, we do not recommend wearing it in the shower, because it has been plated with a gold color that may fade over time if worn in the water too often. Wearing it occasionally in the water is not going to have a big impact, but we recommend keeping it out of the water as much as possible if you would like the gold color plating to remain for as long as possible.

Will stainless steel jewelry turn green or black?

No, never! Stainless steel jewelry does not rust, and it does not create a black or green color when in contact with water for example. Even for the gold color jewelry that, as explained in the previous paragraph, might lose its gold color over time, this only means that it will go back to the color under the plating (silver), and it will still never turn green, black or create rust.

How long will my jewelry last? 

Stainless steel jewelry can last for a very long time if well taken care of. You should avoid contact with all toxic liquids such as bleach or chlorine, and store the jewelry in a safe environment when it is not being worn. 

Is stainless steel the same color as sterling silver? 

Stainless steel jewelry has a darker tone than sterling silver, which makes it even better for men’s jewelry in our opinion! It is also great for women (or any other gender), as long as you do not mix and match with other materials right next to each other, you won’t even notice the difference!


In conclusion, stainless steel jewelry offers a multitude of benefits that make it a great option for you to consider when you are looking to get new jewelry. Its durability, affordability, and hypoallergenic properties make it an ideal choice for everyday wear. With its resistance to tarnish and rust, stainless steel jewelry ensures that your pieces will keep their appearance for years to come. Plus, because it is more affordable than some other materials, you can expand your jewelry collection without breaking the bank! And if you have sensitive skin, stainless steel provides a safe and comfortable option for you.

So, why not embrace the numerous benefits offered by stainless steel jewelry and add some new jewelry to your collection? Explore the world of stainless steel jewelry by visiting our shop, you will be sure to find something that fits your style! 

If you are not familiar with our brand, we are Boutique Wear RENN, a Montreal, Canada based business. We strive to offer quality jewelry for an affordable price, with a focus on providing our customers with an exceptional personalized experience.

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