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Guide : How To Choose The Right Length For Your Necklace?

Choosing the right necklace length can transform how a necklace looks & fits on you. We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of lengths for you to choose from, you simply have to choose which one(s) is right for you! However, navigating the choices requires some insights. Keep in mind, there's not only one right choice – the perfect length depends on your personal style and desired look. If you want to layer necklaces, make sure each strand has a different length for a harmonious look. Consider your body type too, which we will explain more about this later in this article. 

Introduction: General tips on choosing the right necklace length

First of all, there is not only one right choice when choosing your necklace length. Many lengths may work for you, it all depends on how you would like the necklace to fit. Also, if you plan to wear more than one necklace at a time, you will need each necklace to be a different length to be able to layer them properly. You can check out our blog post on our necklace layering tips for more information about layering.

Also, it is very important to consider your body type when choosing the length you would like for a specific necklace. Your height, shoulder muscles and overall body type can have a significant effect on how a necklace looks on you. We have size charts on each listing for you to reference when selecting your length, featuring a mid-size woman on the right and a medium-large built man on the left.

If you're petite and have a small body type, necklaces around 16-18 inches can be more flattering, but the same necklace might not even fit on a larger built person. If you're taller or have a larger neck, longer necklaces (20-22 inches) can be a better choice.

Here is an example of an 18 inch necklace on a petite woman, and also on a man with large shoulders. You can see that the chain falls higher on the man (picture on the right).


Specific tips on choosing the right necklace length

Our biggest advice when people ask for help finding a necklace length is to use our pictures and size chart as a guide, and then compare them with yourself. If you are interested in a particular necklace, look at the description to find out which lengths our models are wearing. Then, if you (or the person the necklace is for) has a similar body type as our model, ask yourself if the way the necklace fits is what you are looking for, and then adjust for longer/shorter based on what you would like. If your body type is smaller, then you can choose a shorter length for a similar fit, and if your body type is larger, you can size up for a similar fit.

For anyone with large shoulders, or usually most men, we would suggest getting a 20 or 22 inch chain for an average length. You should also size up if the necklace is really thick (5mm or more in thickness). Any shorter length might be either too short, or fit as a choker. For petite or shorter people, usually most women but especially the smaller women, we would suggest 16 or 18 inches for an average length, and 14 inches for a choker necklace. Of course, if your body type does not match any of these descriptions, you can always size down/up. 

Our most popular sizes for men are 20 and 22 inches, and our most popular sizes for women are 16 and 18 inches.

Adding an extension chain to make the necklace length adjustable

If you are not sure of what length to get and hesitate between two sizes, you can request an extension chain to be added on the necklace. Some necklaces already come with an extension chain, this information can be found in the item description. An extension is extra hoops at the end of your necklace to make the length adjustable. It is in the form of a thin chain with larger hoops to attach the clasp. Extensions are usually approximately 2 inches, but you are welcome to leave a note at checkout to ask us for a specific extension size and we will be happy to do it. 

How to measure your own necklace to get the same length

If you already own a necklace that is the right length for you, you can measure it with a measuring tape or a ruler, in inches, to get the same length. You can lay it down on a flat surface and measure from the clasp to the closing jump ring. 

Note: A pendant necklace will fall a little differently than a simple chain, but the way to measure the necklace length will remain the same.


We hope this helps you find the right length, and if you have any questions about choosing the right length for a necklace from our shop, do not hesitate to message us for more help! 

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