Sizing Charts and Information

Necklace Sizing Charts

Please note that the length depends on your body type. These pictures give you an approximation with two references. Message us if you need help choosing your size and we will be happy to help!

*Sizing is measured in inches.

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Measing tape and persons wrist displaying how to measure a wrist for bracelets

Bracelet and Anklet Sizing Information

Step 1: Mesure your wrist/ankle using a string & a ruler OR a soft tape mesure.

Step 2: We suggest adding 0.5 inches to your wrist/ankle size to determine the size that you need. Add 1 inch if you like a loose fit.

*Sizing is measured in inches.

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Ring Sizing Information

Step 1: Wrap a string around your finger and cut where both ends meet.

Step 2: Measure the string and compare with the chart above to choose the correct ring size.

If you are unsure of which size you should get, we also offer some adjustable rings!

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